Namibia 2007

We first started planning on going to Africa in 2003.  Research and inquiries showed the Namibia was one of the best, and least expensive, Plains Game destinations in all of Africa.  Originally, we planned working summer school the summer of 2003 and on going in 2005, but our A/C unit went out on our house, and we had to spend several thousand dollars to buy a new one.  When we moved to Camp Wood in 2004 and didn't sell our house in Arlington for 8 months, that set us back another year.  Xmas 2005, I ran the numbers and worked out a scheme to put all the cash together.  I checked out several references and online sites, and found Dirk & Rita Rohrmann outfitting service in Namibia, originally on a ranch called - Okanduka Seibe.  We booked with them in 2005 for a 10 day hunt (later extended to 11 days) in July of 2007.  Dirk & Rita had planned on merging their safari operations with Rita's brother's company, Omalanga Safaris, after the close of the season in 2007 - however, fires and drought resulted in a complete lack of game at Okanduka Seibe, and we were offered the choice of hunting at a 175,000 acre concession operated by Omalanga Safaris called "Oryx Camp" or a 50,000 acre farm owned by Rita's parents called Omamaru.  We chose to hunt the tented Oryx Camp.

This was quite simply the best hunting experience of our lives.  In addition to fine trophies that we shot, we saw over a hundred species of birds (practically all new species), 8 species of reptiles and amphibians, and  I shot over 1500 photos.  Nothing says more about how much we enjoyed the trip than to say we've already blocked aside our dates for our return in 2010 . . . and only waiting that long because we're building a home in the interim!  Click the links below for the day-to-day story and photos.

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