Rock-n-Roll San Antonio 5K - 12/2/17

Marla was volunteering at the 261 Fearless booth and running the 5K with Kathryn Switzer (and company). So I decided to run the 5K as well. I didn't taper much for it, nor did I train for it - just running my normal marathon training schedule, taking off on Friday. I thought I'd try to go under 18:00 if things felt good. In the first mile, I knew that I had gone out too fast, so I eased back, then picked things back up in the 2nd mile. Once the 5K/10K groups split, I could see that there was one woman runner ahead of me. I actually assumed that there were several 15:00 runner out of sight ahead of her, and was surprised to overhear that bicycle pacer in front of me tell someone that I was the first male runner! So I picked things up just a bit (I had faded in the last mile) to make sure that no one caught me (as it turns out, there wasn't anyone very close behind me). So even though I didn't run very fast (19:05), it was still neat to cross the finish line and to break the tape.

Gear Check:

Shoes:  I ran in my Blue Altra Escalantes, size 10.5

Shorts:  I ran in my old stand-by Adidas black 3" split shorts

Shirt:  I wore my white "Lust" singlet from InknBurn

Socks:  Injinji OTC 2 Compression socks, felt great.

Fuel:  no fueling on a 5K

Hat: no hat 

Glasses:  no sunglasses

Watch: Garmin 920XT with tri HRM.

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