122nd Boston Marathon - 4/16/18

Holy monsoon! The race day forecast just kept getting worse and worse - from mid-40s with a SE wind, the forecast day by day just got worse, until race day the temps were 38 with constant rain (it actually snowed in Hopkinton the night before), and a headwind from the NE - from 15 to 25 miles per hour. I don't generally race in tights, even with temps down into the 30s, and I planned on simply running in shorts and singlet, just like I did in 2015 (when temps were 45, raining, but with only a light breeze). I didn't even bring sleeves to pull on. I probably should have run in thigh-length tights (like my Nike ProCombat light compression shorts) and arm sleeves, but I didn't have them. Ultimately, the cold caused me some problems with my thighs tightening up later in the race.

I went into the race day with a plan of seeing what I could run to start. I had been training at low 6:30 paces, so I started off running at a PR pace (6:35). However, shortly, the wind cut into those paces, so I slowed to just try to PR the course (anything under 2:59). Overall, I ran pretty well through mile 16, but the cold was beginning to tighten my thighs at that point, and I struggled through the Newton Hills. However, I expected to be able to open things back up afterwards, but my old hamstring injury from last summer flared up and I was never able to drop my paces even back into the 6:50s again - part of that was the injury, but part was the cold. I was not terribly displeased to hang on and finish in a 3:01:34. My finishing position was 2053, so I basically maintained my starting place relative to the field. My watch claimed that my effort was only a "3.8" (out of 5) and my HR stayed in the 140s throughout. Certainly, my slow finish was due to the conditions, not my cardiovascular fitness.

Once I finished, I immediately started shivering so badly that I staggered into the medical tent in order to warm up. Once I got at least some of the shivering under control, I made my way slowly down Boylston to gear check. Once I got back into warm dry clothes, I was just fine.

Oh, and just like last year- Tuesday after the race, temps were in the 40s, overcast, and DRY = perfect conditions for a FAST marathon!

Gear Check:

Shoes:  I ran in Altra Escalantes, size 10.5. Best shoe I've ever owned.

Shorts:  I ran in 2.5" split shorts from Tracksmith, incredibly comfortable fabric.  However, I probably should have run this with something more over my thighs, like my Nike ProCombat tights.

Shirt:  I wore a BQ singlet from Tracksmith. Very light, comfortable fabric . . . but I probably would have been better off wearing one of my thicker singlets from InkNBurn.

Socks:  Injinji OTC 2 Compression socks. This pair was brand new, and they worked great . . . but they did seem to wick water and cold down into my feet.

Fuel:  I carried 6x Apple/Cinnamon Hammer Gels and planned on taking one at mile 5, 10, 13, 16, and 20 (with 2 at mile 13).  I took water and Gatorade from alternating aid stations. However, after mile 13, I was feeling somewhat queasy from the Gel, and didn't take the one at 16 and 20.

Hat: Adidas Climalite Boston Marathon 2018 hat.  Very comfortable. 

Glasses:  none.

Watch: Garmin 920XT with tri HRM.

Watch Data

Des Linden for the Win!