121st Boston Marathon - 4/17/17

After last year's Boston was hot, I came more prepared for warm weather this year. I brought both a colorful (if somewhat dark) singlet from InkNBurn that I wanted to wear if it was cool, but I also brought a white Boston singlet to run in if it got hot. At the start of the week, the forecast called for temps in the mid 50s at the start, but every day the projected temperature kept increasing and the start of the race this year was warmer than last year with a starting temperature of 70 degrees and temps approaching or topping 80 degrees by the time I finished. Even though the temps were warm, I decided to attempt to PR, aiming for a 2:56 . . . but I ran more conservative paces to start and I paid special attention to hydration and pouring water all over as I went through every aid station. I also had a back up plan in place, which I dropped to after the half (now aiming for a 2:57:30). Despite these plans, I still ran out of gas through the Newton Hills, but it wasn't the sort of excruciating torture that the last 10 miles were last year, and I was able to finish in a respectable 3:04:57 and finished 2027th out of 26411 runners - which was a higher finish (by about 500 runners) than the year that I ran a 2:59:34 on a cold day - so relatively speaking, today's 3:04:57 was a better run than that 2:59:34

Overall, I was in better shape than last year, and that (along with not wearing a black singlet) helped, as did the planning and liberal water use. I also was more careful overall with my paces in the early miles. It was still dissappointing to get hot weather for the 2nd year in a row, because I really wanted to run a fast time.

It was also cool to be running this year when Kathrine Switzer was celebrating the 50th anniversary of her first Boston. Marla & I did some volunteer work helping with the 261 team (selling shirts, checking in team members at the pre-race dinner and post-race party, etc) and got to participate in those events. We also got to see the Boston Documentary Premiere . . . in other words, we got to see how the "other half" lives - always nice to interject some glamour and culture into the way we do things. We again stayed at Motel 6 in Braintree, and that wasn't an issue, but I'm thinking that next year we may spend a little more money and stay closer to or in downtown - it would definitely help take some of the time off our feet.

Oh, and just like last year- Tuesday after the race, temps were in the 40s - perfect conditions for a FAST marathon!

Gear Check:

Shoes:  I ran in Altra Instinct 2.0s, size 10.5.  This will probably be my last marathon running in these, as I can no longer find them reliably on eBay. I'll be switching to the Altra Escalante (which feel amazing!)

Shorts:  I ran in Boston Marathon 3" split shorts from Adidas. 

Shirt:  I wore a Boston 2017 singlet from Adidas - mostly to combat the sun.

Socks:  Injinji OTC 2 Compression socks. These run a little long on me and I had to fold over the top band, which creates a little extra constriction there. No real problems with the socks and I came through the race without cramping/seizing like I did in January at the Duel, but I'd like these socks a little better if they weren't quite so long.

Fuel:  I carried 6x Apple/Cinnamon Hammer Gels and took one every 5 miles.  I took lots of water and Gatorade from alternating aid stations, and dumped a LOT of water on my head, shoulders, neck, back, and legs.

Hat:  Marathon Maniacs classic hat.  Very comfortable. 

Glasses:  my red iridium custom Flak Jackets from Oakley.

Watch: Garmin 920XT with tri HRM.

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