Tucson Marathon - 12/8/2018

I went into Tucson hoping to PR or at least improve my seeding for Boston. I really don't know why my fitness for this race was sub-par . . . I felt my best during training a month before the race - that's when I ran my best times and everything felt perfect. How I'm supposed to get to that point on race day is something I'm still trying to figure out.

I'm pretty sure that overall I've need to refocus on running uphills in my training IF the race is going to have ANY significant uphills. Tuscon is a net downhill course, but does have some significant hills in the first few miles, as well as from mile 10-12. I think those uphills sapped my overall ability to maintain fast paces in the later miles of the race. I was behind pace target by the half, and was never able to really pick up the paces later in the race.

Temps were pretty much perfect for racing overall - upper 30s/lower 40s with highs around 60 at the finish. The course was a bit different than what it had been in 2015, with the steep hill at mile 21 eliminated but replaced with a somewhat gentler hill at mile 24 or so.

I spent pretty much the entire race in the top 10, finished 7th by gun time, but the guy behind me started farther back and beat my by 1 second - my chip time finish was 8th. I won my the 45-49 age group and was the 3rd master's finisher. Overall, this was my third fastest marathon.

Gear Check:

Shoes:  I ran in Altra Escalantes, size 10.5. Best shoe I've ever owned.

Shorts:  I ran in 7" half tights from Tracksmith, with Patagonia dry fit breifs to prevent chaffing.

Shirt:  I wore an orange and white Relay Singlelt from Tracksmith, along with Sandstone arm sleeves from InkNBurn.

Socks:  Injinji OTC 2 Compression socks.

Fuel: I brough 5 Hammer Gels, but only used 3 of them. I tried to alternate water and gatorade at aid stations, but missed a couple.

Hat: I wore a Tuscon Marathon hat that I bought at the Expo.

Glasses:  My Oakely Flak Jackets with red Prism running lenses

Watch: Garmin 920XT with tri HRM.

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