New York City Marathon - 11/5/17

I went into to NYC with a solid training under my belt, but with no intention of attempting to PR. NYC is a challenging course, with rolling hills throughout, so I was content to put in a sub-3 effort and leave things at that. I bought a 2:58:30 pace band, and was ahead of that pace until about mile 16, then on pace until about mile 24, when I had a couple of slow miles that dropped me down to the 2:59:31 that I finished in. Overall, though, I was completely satisfied with my effort and results . . . finishing 1041 out of 50,000+.

Temps were moderate for this time of year in NYC - basically in the mid- to upper-50s throughout the day, with a fine misty drizzle throughout the 2nd half of the race. I thought running through the 5 burroughs was pretty cool, although telling the difference between Brooklyn and Queens wasn't possible except by reading signs, and the little bit of the course that goes through the Bronx was also unrecognizable. Running in Manhattan was cool, and finishing in Central Park was great - but that long hill on the east side of Central Park at mile 24 was a slog. Crowd support was great throughout, particularly in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I had no muscle issues whatsoever, although my calves were tight - compression socks probably saved my race on that score.

As an event, the whole weekend was a blast. We did the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, and the American Museum of Natural History (for 5 hours!). Only thing we missed out on was seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. The expo was pretty big (not so big as Boston) and staying AirBnB right off Central Park was really convenient, both to the subway and getting around town, as well as to the finish. We met up with Amanda Brown and family on Friday before the race for dinner/drinks, then we all went to the Empire State Building and we met up with Katherine Switzer and the 261 team for their post race party off Times Square. It still wasn't quite the holiday atmosphere that Boston weekend is, but I'd say it was close. Probably my 2nd favorite Marathon to date. Oh, and so awesome that Shalane Flanagan won! As she said, "Fuck yeah!"

Gear Check:

Shoes:  I ran in brand new blue Altra Escalantes. My new favorite shoe. Most comfortable uppers ever.

Shorts:  I ran in new black with blue panel 3” split shorts from Adidas.

Shirt:  I wore a red, white, and blue "Brave" singlet from InkNBurn.

Hydration: I basically alternated water and gatorade at every aid station, skipping a few when I felt a little sloshy. Water only at aid stations 5, 10, 13, 16, and 20 because I took gels.

Socks:  Injinji OTC compression socks.

Fuel: I took Apple/Cinnamon Hammer Gels at miles 5, 10, 13, 16, and 20.

Hat:  Blue NYC 2017 hat that I bought at the expo.

Glasses: left my sunglasses at the room - it was overcast/misty all day

Watch: Garmin 920 - no problems

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