Thank you, Robert A. Heinlein


 “To enjoy the flavor of life –

take big bites” . . .

It leapt from the pages

as a young man I read . . . 


“Yield to temptation;

It may not pass your way again”

Such a revelation

as I read it back then . . .


“Freedom begins when you

tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite”

I took it to heart  -

That’s what I did . . .


“The more that you love –

the more that you can love”

Opened my eyes

to what might be in store . . .


 “The real world is

strange and wonderful”

“Never try to outstubborn a cat”

Truth from a book . . .


“Endless variety” and

“Have you noticed they

look like orchids? Lovely!”

Opened my eyes . . .


“Copulation is spiritual”

“If you don’t bet, you can’t win”

“You live and you learn”

Molding my heart . . .


“The game is rigged,

don't let that stop you”

“Sex should be friendly”

and so many more . . .

At sixteen

I read these words

Impressionable youth

I took them to own


They’ve shaped my life

My goals

My spirit

My soul


Thank you,

Robert Heinlein,

For shaping

Who I am