Your smile

 that everyone wondered how you could see


Your “Life is good” t-shirts

 because it was


Your funky shoes, rocket dogs and vans

you even had a custom made pair


Shack Attack!

A true Patriot!


A Beatles fan through and through

Every record you own


Rock and roll soul

Never touch a twangy song


Your love for techno gadgets

I don’t think I can count the number of remotes on one hand.


 Your tattoos you adored

You have three, I have four

It was cool when we went and got the last one together


Your 5 o’clock martini, cigarette, and evening dip in the pool

Your way to chill


Dang you got a ‘stang



Dallas Cowboys Fan

Texting me:  Shit, shit, shit x10 (especially middle of last years season)


Books and Movies

 Your really loved them


 Harry Potter nut

Chey and I played hooky to see the movie with you


Your love for my daughter

All but rare


Your pain so much for one to bare

I missed what we shared yesterday, today, and tomorrow

But mostly I miss you.