The miracle of finely ground glass

Each lens precisely shaped and

Working in harmony with its mates

Light rays refracted to focus

On the electronic wizardry of a sensor

Converting light and image

To invisible digital storage

Several hundred images

In the space of a postage stamp


Yet . . .

The true miracle lies not

In the technology of the tool

However impressive that might be

But rather in the skill

And the heart of the photographer

When simple technology

Might render an image still and flat

A photographer captures depth,

movement , life, and spirit


For all its sophistication

A cameraís just a tool

The cameramanís the craftsman

The artís in his eye

Bringing perception and emotion

To stillness . . .

Balancing depth, shadow, and light

The ability of the craftsman

Not measured by the intricacy of the tool

But rather his ability to make do with the tools at hand

And capture for all to see

those most precious moments of experience

 that make up the fabric of life