Perhaps the greatest point connecting us all

is that each of us is searching for fulfillment.

For many, this quest leads down external paths –

lying in marriage, living through children,

or chasing the promise of the supernatural.


Perhaps it can be found down these paths, yet . . .

to me the answer seems far simpler

and much closer to home . . .

For this goal can be found by living simply

in one specific time and one singular space.


The time seems simple –

yet so difficult for most –

live right now, in this moment

for its all that we have

and all that we’ll be.


The future’s not come,

the past’s long gone.

Our time sense suited only to BE –

so make each now

the most important now it can be.


And now to your body –

that singular space –

Each fiber, each organ, enervated

Connecting the whole

With feedback on now


Your senses probing surroundings

in touch with each place

rich colors, smells, touch, and taste

the palettes and canvas

composing our lives.


Experiencing each now that you are

with depth, complexity, and texture

Atoms of gases caressing the skin . . .

Photons of energy exciting us all . . .

A moment felt . . . and lived.


Deeper still our bodies made of atoms

Quantum clouds of empty space

Subatomic particles surround us,

compose us,  pass through us

at one with the universe’s mysterious grace.


So for fulfillment

Be in touch with your life

Enjoy each moment

Connected to nature,

Each other, and . . . yourself.