Small Game

Hunting Small Game seems to be a lost right of passage for young hunters these days, with lease prices skyrocketing, even for birds ($150/day/person here in Uvalde County!), and fewer and fewer people a field in pursuit of small game.  Worse, fewer and fewer kids get introduced to hunting by chasing after small game such as dove, squirrels, rabbits, and quail.  Every year, we still chase after these animals - East Texas gray squirrels remain one of our favorite quarries each fall.  Attached are a few photos of us and the ever fun pursuit of small (and tasty!) game.

Some white-wing Dove in the front yard one afternoon (Sept 2007)

Squirrel hunting as a family affair, Bannister WMA 2003

Gray Squirrels, Bannister WMA, October 2006

Hunting with a 17 HMR pistol, Bannister WMA, January 2004

Same pistol, different stock, Bannister WMA, October 2004

Bannister WMA, 22 WMR, October 2004

Bannister WMA, 17 HMR, October 2005

Feeder-raiding Racoon, 22 WMR, 125 yards, May 2006