Namibia 2010

We first started planning on going back to Namibia within days after returning in 2007.  We penciled in a 14 day hunt with Dirk & Rita for June of 2010 immediately on our return and "officially" booked the fall of 2008.   During this time, Dirk split safari operations from Omalanga Safaris, and started up his own outfitting company, Ongeyama Safaris in 2008. When I contacted Dirk, I told him to "take us to whatever properties you have that will give us the best chances to get the species we're after".  Our target species list included: (Troy) Eland, Kudu and (Marla) Blue Wildebeast, Kudu, and Hartmann's Zebra.  We ended up hunting two game ranches - 5 1/2 days at Halseton Game Farm NE of Windhoek in the Hochfeld and 6 1/2 days at Wilsonfontein Hunting Farm W of Windhoek on the desert fringes of the Khomas Hochland.

This was quite simply one of the best hunting experience of our lives.  In addition to fine trophies that we shot, we saw over a hundred species of birds (34 new species), 18 species of reptiles and amphibians (10 new species), and  I shot over 4500 photos.  Although the need to build or buy  a house have our return plans on hold, we will definitely be back in Africa in the future.

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