Texas Exotics

Texas is home to a wide variety of exotic species.  In fact, for some species such as Blackbuck Antelope, Scimitar-horned Oryx, and Nilgai Antelope, there are more of these animals in Texas than in their native lands.  So far, we haven't had the opportunity to hunt many of these exotics, even though we live with plenty of free-ranging Axis Deer and Blackbuck Antelope here in the Nueces Canyon.  In fact, we've mostly hunted what I would consider the "least exotic" exotic species - "Corsican" feral sheep.  Here are a sample of some of the exotics we've harvested over the past few years.
30" Axis Stag, April 2008, Edwards County, Texas

Corsican Ram, Nov. 2003, Val Verde Co, TX

20" Blackbuck, September 2008, Edwards County, Texas

Axis stag, about 20" - shot with Savage 99 in 300 Savage - made in 1953 - 14 November 2010

Axis Doe, shot with Savage 99 rifle (300 Sav caliber) made in about 1953 - 31 March 2010

Corsican Ram, Jan. 2002, Val Verde Co, TX

Axis Doe, Jan 2009, Edward County, TX

Corsican Ram, January 2005, Val Verde Co, TX

Corsican Ram, November 2003, Val Verde Co, TX

Axis Doe, May 2006, Real Co, TX

Corsican Ram, March 2003, Val Verde Co, TX