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Our House


Construction on our new house started in March of 2005.  The foundation was laid the end of March
Don and Claire Allen were the contractors who built our house (http://www.steelframedhomesofwesttexas.com/) .  The house is a type of steel frame home incorporating styrofoam into the wall and roof panels.  It has a very high insulation R-value (R50 on the roof and R30 in the walls).  Panels arrived the first of April, 2005 on a flat bed truck from Ohio.
It didn't take long to go from panels on the ground to something resembling a house.  In about three or four days most of the walls and roof were up.  Then the real hard work started.  We have limestone rock on the front and Hardy-plank siding on the rest of the walls.
The porches were added.  We had a 6-foot porch installed on the front and an 8-foot porch on the back.
The inside was constructed with steel studs.
Moisture resistant sheet rock was installed.
"Knock-down" texture was added to the walls and tile floors were installed.  Cedar porch posts and cedar trim were used on the exterior of the house.
By June 15, 2005, the house was ready and we moved in.  We still had a lot of work to do around the house.  Look how high off the ground the front porch was .
We had dirt hauled in and placed in front of the house.  I placed rocks where the flower beds would go and started putting plants in the ground.


We then installed Buffalo grass around the house.  We were going to have guests come for Thanksgiving so we wanted to have the house as ready as we could get it.  In March of 2006 we had a small porch installed on the east side of the house.  We still have a lot to do, but we plan to take our time and work when we want to.